Saturday, 30 October 2010

Why blog ?

My first proper blog started as a way of sharing info about our move to Spain with friends and family, it attracted a couple of odd comments so I took it offline for a while and started a new one. they are not academic just a record of our every day life. I also though it would be good to be able to look back in a few years and see how our behaviours and attitudes have changed. I have never kept a diary but occasionally wish I had when I think back to my early years all those little big things that get forgotten in the mists of time. It really is wonderful to have the blog record and we have met new friends through contact made via the blogs. I guess the thought that many people have of writing a book was also in the back of my mind too - one day may be a book that covers our reality rather than the just the good life in the sun that pervades many magazines and books.  I think it is time I started an academic blog; that maybe a good New Year resolution for this coming January.

Key to keeping me interested in blogging is posting regularly, even just a couple of photos of the garden keeps my momentum going. For example I have just posted yesterday a load of pictures of sand, will anyone be interested - I don't know but ah well I like sand and it provides a different perspective to many records of days out.

I did try doing one on cooking but I never remember to take any photos of preparing a meal until it is half way through so that one has stagnated rather.

Why are you blogging?

Monday, 25 October 2010


Students studying on the Ultraversity degree courses carry out research that aims to develop them as critically reflective practitioners competent in designing and implementing inquiry based projects to solve workplace based problems, improve personal practice and contribute to organizational learning and development. A core principle is that the research journey as well as findings should be shared and discussed through a critical peer review system on the course. Many of the students publish their journey on the Internet enabling others to share their emergent knowledge and them to gain critical feedback from a wider audience.

This blog of blogs initially aims to provide a collection of blogs from staff and students past and present. Where it will lead beyond that is in the hands of the bloggers.